Potty Time: What to Do When Mobility is an Issue

Ever Wonder if Pee Pads Are Only for Puppies? Learn How They can Help Your Senior Dog Be More Comfortable.

Dogs have no choice over when or where they "unleash their treasures," much like babies do. It's unlikely that having a dog urinate inside your home would make you happy, and being angry with your dog won't help the situation.

It's crucial that you deal with this problem and teach your dog some discipline at a young age. It's true—and you might be surprised—that a dog that has an authoritative figure in their life and learns right from wrong will live a happier life and make taking care of them much simpler.

Correct toilet training for your dog is not too difficult, but bear in mind that it may take up to a year. So how exactly do you train your puppy to go potty? Continue reading to learn the basic techniques and a ton of helpful information specially for older dogs.

How Do Dog Potty Pads Work and What Are They?

What does a dog potty pad do? What are the uses of potty pads? How do dog pad’s function? Dog training pads, sometimes referred to as wee-wee pads, potty pads, piddle pads, or dog potty pads, are square or rectangular layers of absorbent material that may rescue the day for any pet parent for a number of reasons, but notably for their capacity to clean up any puppy mess! 

Training pads assist your dog learn to relieve himself apart from their sleeping area by creating a suitable toilet place in the area of long-term confinement. Specially its true for people who live with older dogs or pets having some health issues.

How to Choose the Right Option

To maintain hygiene standards for the dog and the owner, disposable training mats are preferable to washable ones. If sustainability is important to you, there are more environmentally friendly solutions available. You may now get pads that are recyclable, biodegradable, and Training pads are typically square or rectangle-shaped and come in medium and large sizes.

Choose a big, heavy-duty Potty pad if you need to provide a training pad for a senior/older dog that is immobilized as a result of surgery or sickness. If the pad is not sufficiently coated, it will leak and cause further mess when you try to throw it away. Look for dog pads at the best prices.

Modern materials have the ability to be incredibly absorbent without being heavy, thus the pads don't necessarily need to be extremely thick.  To prevent the pet area from smelling of urine for a long time, pick odorless Potty pads when selecting a Potty pad. Low-quality dog pads can cause extra messes because they catch on your dog's nails and might be dragged throughout the house. A puppy pad of higher quality will be made using cutting-edge construction techniques to prevent snagging on nails or paw pads while maintaining a high level of absorbency.

Benefits of Using Puppy Pee Pads

1.      Make potty training easier

Potty training a senior is a struggle. It requires effort, time, patience, and work. Due to their nature, they are prone to distraction. When you take them outside, they just wander about and forget to relieve themselves. Dog Potty pads installed indoors allow you to take your dog out whenever you need to. This can help you avoid making repeated visits outside, especially if you are in a high-rise apartment with limited outdoor access. Its best option for older dogs, who do not want to move a lot. Dog Potty pads are therefore a must-have to make housekeeping easier.

2.      Best option for senior citizen

Many dog owners are unable to take their dogs for daily walks. Some people might never even be able to walk. When the dog has to go outside multiple times each day, hiring a dog walker is a terrific alternative, but it may get pricey. The dog may relieve himself whenever necessary on an indoor potty, and the owner can rest easy knowing their dog is comfortable. What a wonderful way to bring your dog on that lengthy journey. If you have a dog toilet on your vehicle, there's no need to interrupt your excursion for a bathroom break!

3.      Potty pads for older or sick dogs

Dogs may find it more difficult to hold it as they get older than they did when they were younger. Similar to humans, dogs have bladder leakage and frequently need to urinate. The tension of waiting for you to get up or get home from work might be reduced by having access to an indoor restroom.

4.      For people who work a lot

There may be days when you are leaving your dog for longer than you intended to, even if a dog walker visits once or twice a day. You may have delays due to meetings, deadlines, traffic, delays in public transit, snowstorms, or any other interruptions that may arise over the course of your day. You and your dog will both like the alternative that an indoor toilet provides.

5.      Prevent odor

Dogs may use indoor toilet pads to relieve themselves without spreading the smell of their waste around the house. Any pet owner who has dealt with a dog accident on the carpet understands firsthand how difficult it can be to clean up these accidents and how they can leave your home with a persistent mess for days or weeks. But all of this may be prevented if you just buy a dog toilet and teach your dog how to use it.

Final Thoughts

Please try not to become upset with your dog if they accidentally urinate somewhere else. They lack many of the abilities that dogs have at a young age, similar to how a child would urinate before going to the bathroom. Saying "no" or "bad dog" and leading your older dog to its designated potty area is the best course of action if your puppy accidentally urinates somewhere inappropriate.

Overall, by following the above advice, you will have a well-behaved and obedient dog who will be well on the way to being potty trained. However, be careful to give it time; most dogs can't learn it in less than a week.